Aside from famous celebrities and models, athletes and sports stars are also in great demand when it comes to endorsing products in TV commercials. There are many opportunities for commercial Video production Los Angeles and if you’re looking to get into the industry, let us give you a tip. Watch these videos – study them, the angles, the story line, the music. What can you incorporate into your commercial for viral success? Whether it was the famous person who was involved, the catchy jingle, the fun storyline or the heart-touching message of the ad, we all have that one TV commercial we remember clearly even after many years.

1. Gatorade’s Be like Mike commercial is a 1992 commercial sponsored by the popular sports drink company -Gatorade. This television ad casted the legendary basketball superstar Michael Jordan. The sports drink company knew exactly that everybody wants to “Be like Mike” as the catchy and fun jingle affirmed. See the ad here:


2. Apple Macintosh’s TV commercial is produced in 1984 that launched the biggest giant of the computer industry today -Apple. This commercial that introduced the first-ever Apple Macintosh computer to the world. The concept of the ad had left the viewers haunted by George Orwell’s 1984 novel, yet it surely made the mark that appealed well with the buying public. See the ad here:

3. Volkswagen’s the force commercial is one of the 2012 Superbowl ads that aired on primetime television and got tons of love from its viewers. The ad was highly relatable due to its Star Wars themed concept. Who could forget the adorable Darth Vader of whom after many failed attempts to unleash the power within, has finally awakened it through his father’s Volkswagen. See the ad here:


4. Pepsi Max’s love hurts commercial is a 2011 trailer by Pepsi. It featured a couple where the woman always disagrees with her husband. This hilarious commercial about the daily events of the married life was so telling that it has been viewed by millions. See the ad here:


5. Doritos’ Ultrasound commercial is a 2016 ad the popular snack company, Doritos.The ad features a woman having her ultrasound with her husband, who was eating the chips. The commercial went popular due its suggestive message of the much debated pro-life movement in the recent time. See the ad here:


We all hate those long television ads which delays our favorite shows airing, but let us admit that there are tons of information and a good amount of laugh we get from them. So, what is your most favorite television commercial to date?