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Trying to craft the perfect post?

Trying to create the perfect Tweet or Facebook posts? Questioning how many hashtags to use? How many times should you post on Instagram? Some of these are questions that DC social media marketers ask every day.  Knowing the ideal length for a Facebook posts, Instagram and Tweets can improve increase your audience. Here you will find a list of the characters length limits for all the leading social networks.


Facebook Character Length

Facebook is the largest social network out there. When posting on Facebook you are competing with thousands of brands for your audience’s attention. In addition, the amount of the attention that your audience has free is limited. Not only that, as well as that, organic content on Facebook has dropped greatly for brands in the past years.


With all of this competition out there, brands have to do anything to stand out and grab their audience’s attention. An easy and engaging way to do this is using the ideal character length. Making the post to short, you are risking getting unnoticed. Making it too long, you might reach the character limit.



So what is the perfect length of a Facebook post?

The ideal length of a Facebook post should be between 40-80 characters. Shorter Facebook posts exceed longer ones. Keeping your post short and concise will have a better impact than longer posts that get cut off in user’s feed. As mentioned before, it’s very difficult to get audience attention on Facebook. The easier it is for the people to see your message, the higher chances of getting them engaged.

Twitter Character Length

Differently, from other social media platform Twitter have been the most constant when talking about characters limits. They established 140 characters but this doesn’t mean that every tweet has to be this long. In this section, you will find the perfect character length for tweets.


Being said that short is better. 71- 100 characters is the perfect length for a tweet. At first, this can be challenging for some of you. Being concise and clear is the key for a good Tweet. In Twitter, you often only have seconds to catch your followers’ attention.


Instagram Caption Length

Are you looking to increase the engagement on your Instagram posts? If you are, you should stick 130-145 characters in your captions. Although the key focus of Instagram are pictures and videos having a caption help the audience feel engage with the post. With that being said you want to make your caption as great as your pictures.

The ideal hashtags for an Instagram caption  

The best way to gain followers is by adding hashtags to your captions. Brands are aware of this and sometimes they exceed the use of hashtags, adding 15 and more hashtags with the hope of getting more followers. Adding a lot of hashtags does not guarantee more followers.Play it safe by just adding 9 hashtags for each caption.

Working with the “perfect” number of characters is something that you should put to test depending how your followers reacts. Your followers might react better to longer or shorter text. You should put to test this is order to find out what is the best way to reach your audience.

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